I love David Warlick!

Having finally posted something and started a blog I was reflecting and back tracking to how I got to this point. You see even though I work in the Cupertino school district and had (we moved) the Apple corporate headquarter’s parking lot adjacent to my school we are so underfunded that at least at the elementary school level we currently have no one (the last person just resigned) at the D.O. for technology in instruction. I’ll leave it at that to get back to my story. I’ve been on Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – S.O.S.- Sites of the School Days list for some time and found many of her links useful and good starting points for further exploration. In March she started talking about Bloglines and stepped the user through the process to sign up and then the following week the information was about Blog Meister. Besides the innumerable reasons for why technology has been hard for me to use (ELD 4th and 5th grade) and teach content with, our district is very strict about posting student pictures or other personal information. It was the perfect tool for what I needed. And now I’ve grown accustomed to his lilting southern voice for podcasts, and his Buckminster Fuller like enthusiasm and vision to what education and technology can become (does he ever run out of ideas). P.S. I love you Kathy Schrock too!

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