Where am I going with this?

I’m back after a fun road trip to Texas and then southern California, and of course like so many other people I’m trying to read the new Harry Potter. Unfortunately I was right in the middle of trying to finish in a more determined fashion Guns, Germs, and Steel (now that a TV version is out), and GTD (Getting Things Done). I can’t say I missed not using my computer or blogging for several days, but now I only have a week before school starts and my list of what I hoped to accomplish doesn’t seem any smaller. I’ve really been trying to reflect on why I should sustain this weblog other than as a learning tool for the process. I think I understand the basics of how to do it but now the content is my current concern. Stephen Downes has posted a good overview on the process I’ve been going through as I learned how much I didn’t consider and all the mistakes I’ve made which he warns the reader about. I don’t want to just parrot other writer’s ideas but there are so many good weblogs that I wonder were is my niche? I know that being an elementary school teacher places me in a minority relative to the weblogs that focus on using these tools for middle school and above. I did find a model for how I would like to use both weblogs and podcasts in Bob Sprankle’s classroom and for teachers weblogs (Thanks to David Warlick’s postings as usual). I wish I could get some feed back on a weblog that would be useful and fun!

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