Started out fun…and then was relevant again

The orientation started out fun with various frivolous gifts and audience participation activDscn2208_1ities, mostly chanting about San Diego and the next NECC at Atlanta in 2007.
It’s close to 30 minutes in
and no one has mentioned the N
ECC. They are speaking mostly about ISTE. I’ve used the materials
fore including their web site and their books. Finally they are discussing issues specific to the conference. Oh well at least it gave me a chance to upload Dscn2211the pictures to Flickr and the blog. They are discussing not only the handouts that we received but also the online planner that they’ve created. It works with iCal and I’ve integrated it my calender. They have an online program search as another tool and this one I think I’ll definitely use later. The speaker is also giving a good overview of the different content types in which they are trying to meet all the different ways that we can learn about the information and tools that we are interested in. I guess I’ve not tried to tackle any serious edtech issues, but then again tomorrow is another day. I have to decide tonight which spotlight speakers I want to see.

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