Waiting for an Orientation Session

I decided to go the orientation session to see if I can figure out the best way to approach everything. I looked at David Warlick’s latest post and noticed he was in the Gaslight district at the same time I was. How great to have all these amazing people around, just hanging out. If I can see David that will be one more person on my list to meet. So besides looking at all the faces of people, scanning name tages and trying to recollect if I’ve seen their blog or website before, what else could I do but dust off the technology and have some fun. The wireless is great and I uploaded my video to youtube without a problem. Now if I could make this into a game of Where’s Waldo then I might do this type of video again. Beware chances are you won’t recognize anyone, but who knows. I’m on vacation but learning, gee what if the kids always felt that way in the classroom.

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