Telling the New Story By David Warlick

I’m late to David Warlick so I missed his opening on what ways of learning in the 21st century relate to "Telling the New Story."

He gave instruction as I was entering
on logging into his wiki to take notes and so I figured it out by
myself but it took me a little while. I’ve been waiting to see how this
works. Cool!


He’s discussing Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. The story is of how Friedman learned of how his computer came to be put together.

Discussion of his son and the way he handles information

The story must fit the marketplace.

Children have no barriers or walls with which they can interact with others. They are using laptops, pdas, video games, and cell phones. However we are ignoring the ways they communicate and learn about their world.

Example of IM language and how it is suitable for this way to communicate.

Shows how children enjoy neopet

Globalization 1.0 nations globalize

Globalization 2.0 corporations globalize

Discusses Rollarcoaster Tycoon and how his children loved playing the game. Design and than edit to at attract users

John Beck Got Game – good book on how people have new skill and workplace needs to be restructured just like the classroom.

Use of video games falls into usage by age.

Students: are competitive
               are risk taking
               are sociable

People 35 or younger are good collaborators, team player. They have become heros through video games. They problem solve until they succeed and become heros

New Story – must be compelling. Children through playing video games overcome a barrier at the end of each level. Just like the boss or could be the teacher. "The teacher should be the strategy guide." Create the next place or thing that they want to become or be.

We have become information seekers with more questions than we had before.

The Long Tail – study that looked at new media industries versus old media models. They counted the number of products sold. The one part of the graph is products which sold well enough to be sold in stores. The long tail is what didn’t sell enough copies to be available at a stores. But there is a market for the materials just not large enough to be sold in a traditional store. He discusses his own personal experience with his book which fits within the long tail. We are no longer limited to purchasing the high volume materials. However this means that we need to train the students to understand how to process the materials of the long tails.

When we have questions where do the answers come from? Now information may come from blogs or wikis. Companies that cannot solve problems use outside users to solve problems and come up solutions which they are paid for. Many of these people are not the experts in the field but come up with solutions from new angles.

Vinod Khosla/CEO Sun
"Children believe that everything is clickable including their parents."

Traditional model of teacher above and children below. Both physically and metaphoricaly. Content goes down to learners. Our classrooms are flat. Gravity cannot drive learning. The future of content: "Content today is the dominant thjing But one thing that I can say is that… Company that can grow and maintain audiences not content.

How do we turn our classrooms into learning engines?
Tapping into student energy:
– curiousity
– intrinic need to communicate and influence
– grounding in heritage

We received our heritage from TV. Children are different today.

Friedman says that four types of people will succeed:
1. special
2. specialized
3. highly adaptable
4. anchored

Bottom Line Stories
– Future is no longer secure.
– Instead, we should prepare them for a future of opportunity…

Education is in a quiet crisis

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