Another Amazing Information Packed Day

I decided not to take my laptop to the conference today. My back was sore this morning after lugging my backpack around for so many hours yesterday. The day started off with Nicholas Negroponte. He gave an informative keynote address about the $100 laptop that we have been reading about for quite a while. The information can be found on a wiki Dscn2232

. If ever there was a project which has far reaching importance this is it. We talk about equity in my school district all the time, but this is so much more. Always being interested in the history of computers and multimedia I was interested to see the connection between this project and Seymour Papert which I didn’t know about. Afterwards I walked up stairs and looked at the current prototype. When the demonstrator closed it I thought of the math speak and spell because of the color scheme of orange and yellow. There was quite a bit else that I saw and learned, but my day is not through and I need to get going.

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