What’s with the negative vibes?

I just came home from a long day at school, filling out paper forms by hand for the conferences that will be happening in a few weeks, setting aside three days of math homework that I have to key into my electronic grade book like a good data entry clerk. I had tried to email someone within my district about an iMovie festival that they were asking advice about, but the server was down. I left school and had to go to a hobby store to spend money buying clay because I’d miscalculated how much I needed for two sections of social studies. I spent as usual part of my day griping about the feet dragging that I have to overcome to get someone to appreciate a cool web app. that I’ve dreamed up some lesson for. Some days are like that but, I always enjoy coming home and firing up my Bloglines account to get inspired by the likes of David Warlick and Will Richardson to name a couple of my favorites. Today, there was more frustration than usual, but guys some day I wish I could be so connected deep in the conversation, attending the conferences that I vicariously read about through your postings, getting to meet the innovators and directly experience classrooms where best practices occur. You help me be the learner I am, the advocate for change and the critical need for information literacy. You help me continue reaching to achieve a higher place in my development as a teacher and learner. You are among the indispensable group that I treasure and I just wanted you to know that. As "Oddball" (Donald Sutherland) said in Kelly’s Heroes, "Whats with the negative vibes?"

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