Lesson Learned

For numerous reasons I haven’t posted much in the past year. Why start posting again? I think I’ve altered my stance on learning about technology tools that don’t relate or I can’t implement for my students to use. Last winter/spring there was a lot of excitement over the use of Twitter and Second LIfe. I half-heartedly set up accounts but didn’t go much beyond that. I realized right away that I wouldn’t be having my 4th and 5th grade students twittering or creating avatars anytime soon. Now however I realize that for some things I need to learn them regardless of having direct applicability to my students. In fact I felt rather disconnected to the edutech bloggesphere (is that spelled with two “g”s or one?) by not learning more about them. My RSS reader was full of articles that I couldn’t relate to. Instead of trusting the educators and bloggers whom I’ve grown to feel close to through their writing, I let my own personal growth lapse and I suffered because of it. Lesson, some things I need to learn for myself and the fun of doing so just because. So if you haven’t tried something, but all the brightest people you read are, I would recommend doing something about it.

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